Kelechi, Kody earn top CIC honors

Thursday, October 6, 2011 - 16:28
Madubuko earns return award for second straight year; Trombley anchored Chugiak defense
Kelechi Madubuko, who scored 10 touchdowns this season, was named All-CIC first-team as a wide receiver and return specialist and was also named the CIC's Utility Player of the Year in voting by the conference's coaches. Chugiak's Kody Trombley was named a first-team lineman and Lineman of the Year. Chugiak linebacker Wayde Snell also made the first-team defense.

Two locals — one a shifty open-field specialist, the other a hulking lineman — came home with two of the Cook Inlet Conference's top four awards in voting by the league's coaches.

Eagle River's Kelechi Madubuko, a senior wide receiver/return specialist who scored 10 touchdowns this season — four on returns — was named the CIC's Utility Player of the Year and also to the first team All-CIC team as a wideout and return man.

Chugiak's Kody Trombley, who served as team captain and was the squad's emotional leader both on and off the field, earned the CIC's first-team nod as an offensive tackle and also won Lineman of the Year.

Also taking home top conference awards were Service junior quarterback Amu Aukisitino (Offensive Player of the Year), Dimond senior linebacker Nathan Stephens (Defensive Player of the Year), East coach Jeff Trotter (Coach of the Year) and Service assistant Numi Ilalio Jr. (Assistant Coach of the Year).

The all-conference teams were announced Thursday.

Also making the first team for Chugiak was senior linebacker Wayde Snell, who made the first team for the second consecutive season.

Second-team selections for Chugiak included running back Justin Schneider and defensive end Steven Puterbaugh. Eagle River's O.J. Hall was named to the second team as an offensive lineman.

All-CIC football team
Offensive Player of the Year — Amu Aukisitino, QB, Service
Defensive Player of the Year — Nathan Stephens, LB, Dimond
Utility Player of the Year — Kelechi Madubuko, Eagle River
Lineman of the Year — Kody Trombley, Chugiak
First-team offense — Trent Anthony, RB, Bartlett; Caleb Green, G, Bartlett; Henry Loia, C, Bartlett; Kody Trombley, T, Chugiak; Nathan Stephens, RB, Dimond; Kelechi Madubuko, WR, Eagle River; Jarred Laws, WR, East; Jeff Overbaugh, T, Service; Viliamu Aukusitino, QB, Service; Justin Wilson, T, Service; Allan Busey, WR, Service; Jaramie Augafa, G, South; Louis Page, TE, South; Conor Feckley, QB, West; Marcel Dion, WR, West; Lamarr Brown, WR, West; Jacob Crews, T, West
First-team defense — Justin Moore, ILB, South; Wayde Snell, LB, Chugiak; Nathan Stephens, LB, Dimond; Damon Griffith, LB, Dimond; Kendell Scott, OLB, Dimond; Tyler Rowles, DB, East; Falema’o Tosi, T, East; Brody DeLoria, LB, East; Luke Schnelbaecher, LB, East; Jack Ameperosa, T, East; Hiapo McCandless, OLB, Service; Eric Pili, T, Service; Stephan Ellis, ILB, Service; Mathew Ilalio, DB, Service; Dalton Sauder, ILB, South; Dante Williams, CB, South; Michael Wilson, CB, South; Tommy Hopp, OLB, South; Lincoln Tulimasealii, LB, West
First-team special teams — Tom Troxel, K, West; Jeff Overbaugh, LS, Service; Kelechi Madubuko, Ret, Eagle River; Griffin Toomey, P, South.


Taylor Bomar SR 7 Kicking Specialist Service 2nd Team
Ronnell Corral SR 11 Kicking Specialist Dimond HM
Nathan Stephens SR 2 Long Snapper Dimond 2nd team
Ryan Arnold SR 70 Long Snapper Eagle River 2nd team
Ryden Hines SR 10 Punter Dimond 2nd team
Nik Butler JR 24 Punter Service HM
Amu Aukusitino JR 2 Return Specialist Service 2nd team
Drew Yeager JR 54 Offensive Tackle Bartlett 2nd Team
Jonah Silva SR 14 Linebacker Bartlett 2nd Team
Justin Schneider SR 22 Running Back Chugiak 2nd Team
Prince Launiuvao JR 70 Center Dimond 2nd Team
O.J. Hall SR 72 Offensive Lineman Eagle River 2nd Team
Austin Gardner SR 2 Running Back East 2nd Team
Derrick Jones SR 72 Offensive Lineman East 2nd Team
Nik Butler JR 24 Wide Receiver Service 2nd Team
Zachary Lujan JR 15 Quarterback South 2nd Team
William Krolick SR 80 Wide Receiver South 2nd Team
Gabe Imlach SR 66 Center South 2nd Team
Kieran Kuiper JR 61 Offensive Guard West 2nd Team
Esene Tui JR 50 Offensive Guard West 2nd Team
Steven Puterbaugh SR 68 Defensive End Chugiak 2nd Team
Armani Tufaga JR  26 Outside Linebacker Dimond 2nd Team
Jeremiah Ieremia JR 73 Defensive End East 2nd Team
Daniel Murakami SR 8 Outside Linebacker Service 2nd Team
Jonathan Jenkins SR 27 Outside Linebacker Service 2nd Team
Trevor Williamson JR 12 Defensive Back Service 2nd Team
Aaron Esplin JR 4 Outside Linebacker South 2nd Team
Desmond Corpuz JR 21 Cornerback West 2nd Team


Kenny Pegues SO  58 Center Chugiak Honorable Mention
Travis Craig SR 21 Defensive Back Chugiak Honorable Mention
Tyler Rohde JR 5 Wide Receiver Chugiak Honorable Mention
Sam Banks SR 68 Linebacker Eagle River Honorable Mention
Malcolm Bell SR 37 Running Back Eagle River Honorable Mention
Danton Evilsizer SR 21 Running Back Eagle River Honorable Mention
Ed Hall SO  28 Linebacker Eagle River Honorable Mention
Peter Kott SO 7 Quarterback Eagle River Honorable Mention
Jachike Madubuko JR 36 Linebacker Eagle River Honorable Mention
Rydell Reinbold JR  58 Offensive Guard Eagle River Honorable Mention
Josh Vanderlooven SR 31 Linebacker Eagle River Honorable Mention
Andr'e White JR 55 Defensive End Eagle River Honorable Mention
Ryden Hines SR 10 Quarterback Dimond Honorable Mention
Stanford Liaga JR 28 Linebacker Dimond Honorable Mention
Moses Lomu SR 32 Linebacker Dimond Honorable Mention
Stanley Liaga SR 52 Offensive Guard Dimond Honorable Mention
Willy Pulu JR 54 Defensive Line Dimond Honorable Mention
Ryan Hellenga JR 75 Offensive Tackle Dimond Honorable Mention
Casey Hoflich SR 88 Defensive End Dimond Honorable Mention
Edward Jones JR 68 Defensive Line East Honorable Mention
Osa Atifale Jr JR 24 Running Back East Honorable Mention
Peter Siaulaiga JR 53 Linebacker East Honorable Mention
Jesse Vanilau JR 12 Quarterback East Honorable Mention
Derrick Jones JR 72 Defensive Line East Honorable Mention
Presley Piliati SO 52 Guard East Honorable Mention
Sivia(Buda)Thompson SR 71 Defensive Line East Honorable Mention
Jerome Puletapuai SR 63 Center East Honorable Mention
Jacob Blunt JR 25 Defensive Back East Honorable Mention
William Willis SR 75 Offensive Tackle East Honorable Mention
Connor Kekalb SR 44 Tight End East Honorable Mention
Nicholas Bachman SR 48 Fullback East Honorable Mention
Jarred Laws JR 10 Defensive Back East Honorable Mention
Michael Muller-Sutbblefield JR 60 Center Service Honorable Mention
Samuel McCallum JR 53 Offensive Guard Service Honorable Mention
David Lambe SR 80 Tight End Service Honorable Mention
Michael Pearce JR 65 Offensive Guard Service Honorable Mention
CJ Toomer SO 10 Quarterback Service Honorable Mention
Kekoa Fomai SO 54 Defensive Tackle Service Honorable Mention
Nathen Saiele JR 32 Running Back West Honorable Mention
D.J. Williams SR 27 Outside Linebacker West Honorable Mention
Mitchell Adams SR 62 Offensive Tackle West Honorable Mention

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