Fred Dyson

The first snowfall of the year brings a rash of ditch divers and car crashes. My kids and I used to have a game of rating the wrecks when we drove between Eagle River and Anchorage. The ditch divers, whom we scored as a 10, managed to cross four lanes of traffic, clear the guardrail, do a complete roll or summersault, and land on their wheels without hitting another car. You can come up with your own way of scoring these esoteric accomplishments.

Planning for safe(r) winter driving

Eagle River voters must choose between two impressive candidates for state House. I consider both friends of many years. They appear to share much the same value system and both are strong women, but there is a profound difference between them.

In elective politics, it is essential to have good people skills and to be able to build ad hoc teams to get policy changes and goals met. The successful policy maker must have integrity and be trustworthy.