LETTER: Jordan will be deeply missed

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 - 14:06
  • 3563 Lee Jordan sings “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” in the final game of the season at his namesake field. Photo for the Star by Michael Dinneen

As 2018 closed, the Chugiak-Eagle River Community lost a great man, Lee Jordan. Lee wore many hats; community leader, mayor, publisher, author and historian to name just a few. But the hat that Lee often said he was most comfortable wearing was a baseball hat. Although hailing from Alabama, where football was and is king, Lee, over half a century, made an indelible mark on his community through baseball. Beginning in the early 1960s as the co-founder of Knik Little League, to his leadership as founding president of the Chugiak-Eagle River Chinooks in 2011, he has an unparalleled record of accomplishment and dedication to promoting baseball and providing opportunities for youth in our community. In between these accomplishments, Lee was also the driving force in the establishment of successful Babe Ruth and American Legion baseball programs.

We will miss seeing our dear friend at Lee Jordan Field when the Chinooks return in June. We will miss Lee’s enthusiastic cheers for our pitchers with his cadenced “way to fire, way to fire” chant and his announcement of “fish on” when a Chinooks’ rally was in the making. It was our honor to serve with Lee on the Chinooks Board, working to bring these talented players to our community every summer, and anchoring the Alaska Baseball League in Lee’s hometown.

— The Chugiak-Eagle River Chinooks Board

Tim Barto, Bill Stoltze, Bill Waddell, Dan Lundell, Betty Jo Worthington, Ray Brady, Sarah Dutton and Bruce Headle.

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