Bausch leads Chugiak boys to CIC cross country championship

Sunday, October 7, 2018 - 00:42
  • Santiago Prosser, of Dimond High, and Daniel Bausch, of Chugiak High, lead the pack as they enter the woods at the Cook Inlet Cross Country championship races at Bartlett High in Anchorage, AK Anchorage on Saturday, September 22, 2018. Bausch went on to wing the race and Prosser finished third. (Bob Hallinen / ADN)
  • The Chugiak High girl’s varsity team mug for the cameras at the Cook Inlet Cross Country championship races at Bartlett High in Anchorage, AK Anchorage on Saturday, September 22, 2018. (Bob Hallinen / ADN)
  • Ava Earl, of South High, and Emily Walsh, of Eagle River High, lead the race early in the race at the Cook Inlet Cross Country championship races at Bartlett High in Anchorage, AK Anchorage on Saturday, September 22, 2018. Ava Earl won the race. (Bob Hallinen / ADN)

Daniel Bausch is totally sick.

The star Chugiak runner won an individual title Saturday at Bartlett High to help lead the Mustangs to a boys team championship at the Cook Inlet Conference Cross Country Running Championships despite battling a fever.

“I’m sick right now,” Bausch told the Anchorage Daily News after completing the 5-kilometer course in 15 minutes, 40 seconds.

Bausch said he started fast and struggled down the stretch.

“I went out too hard and crashed at little at 2K and was hurting more than I have this whole season, but I had enough of a gap that I was able to win by a pretty good margin.”

Eagle River’s Emily Walsh finished second overall to South’s Ava Earl in the girls race, coming in six seconds behind her biggest rival in the region.

Bausch became the fifth Chugiak boy to win an individual region title, joining Jesse Cherry and Ty Jordan (who each won three times), Richard Lee and David Morris. On Saturday, he led a pack of Mustangs across the finish line, with Hyrum Nelson finishing sixth, Michael Earnhart seventh, and Miles Dennis 10th and Will Gerlach 25th.

The Chugiak boys and girls earned team invitations to next week’s state meet — which is also at Bartlett — by finishing in the top four spots. Individual runners could also qualify for state by placing in the top 15 spots as individuals.

“The boys were really excited,” Chugiak assistant coach Melissa Hall said. “They had been in the shadow of our strong girls team for years. They’re always following in their footsteps, so it’s nice to see the boys get some attention.”

The Chugiak girls were second overall, led by a fourth-place finish from Adrianna Proffitt.

Following Proffitt across the line for the Chugiak girls were teammates Breanna Day (7th), Sophia Dedmore (8th), Brooklynn Gould (19th), Lindsey Gerlach (28th), Grace Dunn (36th) and Hannah Cryder (40th).

The Eagle River girls finished fifth to just miss out on a state berth, while the Eagle River boys were sixth.

Laura Ripp was 20th for the Eagle River girls, followed by Amanda Michener (25th), Claire Nelson (27th), Mary Goodwin (33rd), Myah Smith (35th) and Courtney Jones-Brunner (41st).

Nick Carl was the top Eagle River boys finisher in eighth place, followed by Carater Gladwill (18th), Jacob Bradley (21st), Alex Carl (36th), Gunnar Sackerson (42nd), Jacob Heavener (43rd) and Tucker Lien (44th).

The state meet is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 29 at Bartlett High.


Cook Inlet Conference Cross Country Championships

Saturday, Sept. 22

Bartlett High

Girls team scores — Service 48, Chugiak 65, West 77, South 85, Eagle River 104, Dimond 108.

Boys team scores — Chugiak 49, Dimond 56, West 72, South 89, Service 116, Eagle River 125, East 203.

Girls 5K

1. Ava Earl, South 18:26; 2. Emily Walsh, Eagle River 18:32; 3. Grace Fahrney, Service 18:48; 4. Adrianna Proffitt, Chugiak 18:54; 5. Tatum Witter, Service 19:18; 6. Aubrey LeClair, West 19:18; 7. Breanna Day, Chugiak 19:56; 8. Sophia Dedmore, Chugiak 20:04; 9. Natalie Hood, West 20:10; 10. Kylie Judd, Dimond 20:14; 11. Mary Reinbold, Dimond 20:16; 12. Zoey Chang, Service 20:21; 13. Nowelle Spencer, Service 20:26; 14. Elizabeth Novakovich, South 20:27; 15. Garvey Tobin, Service 20:39; 16. Clare Howard, Service 20:40; 17. Abigail Robinson, South 20:45; 18. Hannah Yi, West 20:46; 19. Brooklynn Gould, Chugiak 20:49; 20. Laura Ripp, Eagle River 20:53; 21. Ryann Dorris, West 20:53; 22. Leola Atkinson, Bartlett 20:58; 23. Lucy Young, South 21:01; 24. Ivy Eski, West 21:08; 25. Amanda Michener, Eagle River 21:12; 26. Quincy Donley, West 21:18; 27. Claire Nelson, Eagle River 21:22; 28. Lindsey Gerlach, Chugiak 21:28; 29. Maria Cvancara, Dimond 21:30; 30. Tarja Latva-Kiskola, Dimond 21:31; 31. Delainey Zock, Dimond 21:33; 32. Lindsey Western, South 21:38; 33. Mary Goodwin, Eagle River 21:45; 34. Nataya Lee, South 21:49; 35. Myah Smith, Eagle River 21:54; 36. Grace Dunn, Chugiak 22:05; 37. Julia Thomas, South 22:14; 38. Annika Ostberg, Dimond 22:39; 39. Kaley Fleming, Dimond 22:41; 40. Hannah Cryder, Chugiak 22:48; 41. Courtney Jones-Brunner, Eagle River 22:48

Boys 5K

1. Daniel Bausch, Chugiak 15:40; 2. Ethan Davis, West 15:50; 3. Santiago Prosser, Dimond 15:50; 4. Alexander Maurer, Service 15:57; 5. Everett Cason, West 16:33; 6. Hyrum Nelson, Chugiak 16:37; 7. Michael Earnhart, Chugiak 16:46; 8. Nick Carl, Eagle River 16:52; 9. Niko Latva-Kiskola, Dimond 16:52; 10. Miles Dennis, Chugiak 16:53; 11. George Cvancara, Dimond 16:55; 12. Zanden Mcmullen, South 16:58; 13. Kai Meyers, South 17:00; 14. Isaac Dammeyer, West 17:00; 15. Kaleb Beloy, South 17:03; 16. Fred Rygh, Dimond 17:04; 17. Cameron Sheldon, Dimond 17:09; 18. Carter Gladwill, Eagle River 17:11; 19. Dallin Gardiner, Dimond 17:14; 20. Noah Hoefer, Dimond 17:16; 21. Jacob Bradley, Eagle River 17:16; 22. Jason Hlasny, Service 17:23; 23. Spencer Putnam, South 17:25; 24. Eli Mckenzie, West 17:27; 25. Will Gerlach, Chugiak 17:28; 26. Seth Chamberlain, South 17:30; 27. Skyler Parks, West 17:31; 28. Max Beiergrohslein, Chugiak 17:43; 29. Mitchell Guyer, Service 17:43; 30. Alvaro Gonzalez, Service 17:46; 31. Dylan Kearns, Service 17:46; 32. Ben Post, West 17:52; 33. Simon Keffalos, South 17:58; 34. Ahmed Salih, East 17:58; 35. Sebastian Reed, West 17:59; 36. Alex Carl, Eagle River 18:11; 37. Joel Power, Service 18:16; 38. Joseph Curry, East 18:18; 39. Sebastian Szweda Mittelstadt, Service 18:27; 40. Luke Howe, East 18:29; 41. Ben Fischer, South 18:32; 42. Gunnar Sackerson, Eagle River 18:32; 43. Jacob Heavener, Eagle River 18:42; 44. Tucker Lien, Eagle River 18:47; 45. Beck Haywood, East 19:03; 46. Tommy King, East 19:29; 47. Malzaiah Rubit, East 19:49; 48. Will Sanchez, East 19:49

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