LETTERS: Readers share opinions on primary elections

Saturday, August 18, 2018 - 09:32

Story misstated candidate’s position

To the editor,

Your story about the Chamber of Commerce candidate forum that appeared in the August 9 issue (“Candidates speak out as primary election approaches,” page 5) contained information that was inaccurate and misleading. It quoted me as saying I would like to see the legislative session moved to Juneau. In actuality, what I said was that I would like to see the legislative session moved from Juneau to Anchorage. In addition, it referred to me as a “former Air Force medic.”

I am a retired Air Force colonel, physician, and former Deputy Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services. I feel it is important for your readers to have accurate information when deciding on who will represent them in Juneau.

— Craig Christenson

Candidate, District 13

Saddler wrong choice for state Senate

To the editor,

This coming primary election for the state Senate seat pits Lora Reinbold against Dan Saddler.

Some facts voters should consider when voting in August, Dan Saddler compromised his integrity for power when he voted with the Democrats to pass SB91 and to take no less than half of our PFD. He of course was able to keep his staff and committee positions by “playing” the game at our expense. He sold us out, since he obviously believed he and the rest of the Legislature and governor could more responsibly spend our money than we could, by voting to screw us out of at least half of our dividend because this RINO refused to make any meaningful or significant cuts to the out-of-control state spending. Control the money, and you control the power. That’s what we would be looking at if Dan becomes our state senator. No meaningful cuts, instead he would keep spending to buy votes. Dan voted for the disastrous SB91 and blocked most of the amendments proposed to fix this horrible law. So you and I now get to enjoy the current crime wave that has resulted from this lousy legislation.

Lora Reinbold, on the other hand, is a true conservative that believes in small government and respects the individual and our ability to more responsibly run our affairs than the government can. She will reign in this out-of-control state spending and work to repeal or fix SB91.

— Sam Albanese,

Eagle River

Saddler the right choice for Senate

To the editor,

With all due respect to Sam Albanese, whose July 26 letter complained that Rep. Saddler had sometimes voted independently from the lock-step Republican caucus, I believe that his voting record proves that he is a candidate who thinks for himself and for his constituents. The poor implementation of SB91 had more to do with inadequate social service support funding, putting he cart before the horse.

In 2012, shortly after my appointment to the Statewide Suicide Prevention Council as the Military/Veteran representative, Mr. Saddler sought me out and expressed his deep concern for suicide prevention and for meeting the needs of the military and veteran communities. I was impressed by his understanding of issues behind Alaska’s high suicide rate, and by his specific focus on the well being of current and past service members.

For the record, I am an undeclared voter; I vote for the person who I believe is the most qualified and who has the best interests of our community at heart. I believe that Mr. Saddler is that person.

— Sue Ellen May

Eagle River

Dahlstrom didn’t avoid appearance of impropriety

To the editor,

Head’s up, District 13 voters. If you care about integrity and good ethics in your elected official, then you should vote for anyone but Nancy Dahlstrom.

The Alaska Constitution doesn’t allow legislators to accept jobs created while they were in office. But, Dahlstrom showed her colors when she accepted a job offer with Gov. Sean Parnell’s office while still a sitting legislator.

Making matters worse, Dahlstrom was the gatekeeper of bills which make her actions as House Rules chair questionable while she simultaneously considered her future position — which nearly doubled her salary.

Good legislators avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Dahlstrom did not.

At the time she was forced to quit, former legislator Ralph Samuels said, “This whole sorry episode reeks of politics as usual, doling out highly-paid, made-up jobs to political friends…” (Anchorage Daily News, July 2, 2010)

If District 13 voters want a trustworthy representative who truly cares about their interests and isn’t part of the political establishment, then they need to cast their votes for anyone but Dahlstrom, who already showed her affinity and willingness to break our laws as a public official.

— Andree McLeod,


Reinbold failed to prevent Glenn gridlock

To the editor,

The next time you find yourself idling for hours on the Glenn Highway because a truck hit a car, a car hit a moose, or a truck hit a bridge, you can thank Rep. Lora Reinbold for not being there to vote to approve the Knik Arm Bridge.

About four years ago, the Legislature was poised to approve the decades-long dream of a bridge linking downtown Anchorage and Point MacKenzie. It would not only open new land to development, speed shipping to the Interior, and reduce pressure to squeeze more housing into Eagle River, it offered a critical alternative route into and out of Anchorage

We had all the finances worked out. After two years of work, simple House majority approval of a conference committee bill would mean the Knik Arm Bridge would be built. But two days before the vote, Reinbold left for a vacation in Croatia, and the bill failed by one vote. We saw the impact when a truck hit a bridge on March 22 and closed the Glenn Highway.

So, next time you find yourself in gridlock on the Glenn Highway, thank Rep. Lora Reinbold and her vacation. What a loss to our State and community!

— Michael Foster P.E.,

Former Chairman of the Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority

Eagle River

Reinbold tough on crime, pro life

To the editor,

Dear God Fearing, Discerning, Alaskan Voters,

The people that are elected write laws that effect what governs us on a daily basis so it is worthy of your time and energy to take the time necessary to vote with discernment.

One candidate, that I hope you will join me in voting for is Lora Reinbold. I was created along side Lora in my Mother’s womb and spent many months next to her before we were born. Lora is pro life as we all as Americans should be as it states in The Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life…” It greatly pains me, and is far beyond what I can comprehend, that one could even consider not nurturing God given life as a human. There is no debate, no choice - we must unite as humans to speak for those who can not speak for themselves and love and nurture the unborn.

Ungodly, criminal behavior has risen in Alaska since senate bill 91 was passed. Lora voted against senate bill 91 from the beginning but her opponent, Dan Saddler, voted for senate bill 91. In addition, Dan Saddler sent out a deceptive ad stating he would listen to the voters but this was not my experience with him. He stormed off when I tried to speak to him.

Does your candidate support the parental right to select the best school/vouchers for their child? As a former ASD science teacher, I know atheism is the religion teachers are expected to teach in the state of Alaska. Tax dollars should not be used to support a state religion that is indoctrinated into children via teaching evolution.


Lisa Gentemann

Eagle River

Saddler helped solve problem

To the editor,

I wanted to write in and show my support of Dan Saddler for State Senator.

I have had an ongoing problem with one of the utilities not using their easement and just driving over my side yard (which holds my septic system), to get to the pole. They were dumping tree cuttings in my yard that they cut from other yards, not mine. Then they dragged all this debris through my yard to place along my driveway to be picked up days latter. This left debris all over my side yard. They did not clean this up, causing a danger to my animals’ feet and an overall mess in my yard. They could have used the easement — it was clear and opens on to the road but used my yard instead.

I tried calling them, writing emails and sending photos of the damage. I received lots of it would not happen again only to have it happen again and again. I was trying to save damage to my septic system and my property but was getting nowhere.

I finally started calling the state reps in my area. Then I remembered Mr. Saddler, who I had seen at local fundraisers. I knew he was not my representative but called and left a message. I did not receive a call or help from my representative, but Mr. Saddler called me and asked me to send the photos and information on what was going on. In a very short time I received an apology letter from the company, and they have not been using my side yard since. I also received a call back from Mr. Saddler, who was checking to make sure I had received a letter of apology and that they no longer were using my side yard. He also requested that I let him know if I had any further problems with this.

I was very impressed. Mr Saddler didn’t know me. I was not in his district, so votes were not a motivator. But he took time to be of service to us. Mr Saddler does not just say he cares about Alaska and Alaskans. He shows it by his actions, We need someone with his qualities as our State Senator. Someone who is available to the people and who will help them with problems that are important to them. He will definitely have my vote.

Lesley Rouwenhorst

Eagle River

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