McDonald Center article painted unfair picture

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 - 14:59

To the editor,

While I appreciate some of the articles and stories you have covered in the past, I find myself quite displeased how you have painted the picture of the ERHL and Reid McDonald (“Mac manager hopes ‘beer league’ can increase cash flow,” Aug. 17, page 3). I agree that a few or the things that might have been placed out there on social media might in some eyes be slightly tacky and they might not appreciate the humor. To bring that to the front and say this is what the organization stands for I feel was borderline slander.

My father Chip Gallagher and mother Kathy Gallagher raised all of their six kids (three ERHL members) in the community of Eagle River. My father just passed away this last year and many members of the ERHL you painted out to be nothing but trying to serve Reid’s other purposes were the ones that came to show our family love and support, raised funds to help my mother in time of need, and even completely landscaped her yard while we were out of country bringing my deceased father back from South America. They ERHL Members (Reid McDonald) were part of those people who got our family through one of the toughest times of our life.

While you painted the picture Reid McDonald is doing this for his own personal interest for OMR I can tell you quite frankly you’re wrong. His goal from the beginning was to promote bringing more players from Anchorage to the Mac Center and to bring the community closer together. I have decided to help out with the cause as I believe during the hard Alaskan economy we are facing, Eagle River businesses are failing and struggling, that we as a group of 160 members (pastors, construction workers, lawyers, firemen, police officers, doctors, small business owners, business professionals and, even more important, volunteers in our town, city and state) can bring something as small as a small men’s league hockey and make big impacts in our community. By painting Reid McDonald and the ERHL as nothing but promoting beer and tacky videos you’re assuming and trying to make a bunch of great people look bad as well. I know many of our members who don’t drink at all or pull chew cans from their groins. I would appreciate it if you did a retraction to your article. I have had many family friends work for the Alaska Star and have grown up with your paper. I have had nothing but love and support for them and our Eagle River local newspaper. I hope you get the opportunity to see what this group can and is currently doing in our community, as well as see how they come running to help others when our ERHL members and community are in a time of need. Please see past the little bit of hockey humor they put out there in their social media posts.

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Powell Gallagher

Eagle River

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