Opinion: Obama's immigration plan was overreach

Friday, June 24, 2016 - 16:10

The US Supreme Court Ruling is a Big Win for State’s Rights
In a 4-4 tie, the US Supreme Court struck down President Barack Obama’s immigration plan, an executive order which would have given millions of illegal immigrants work permits. The court’s ruling affirms that the president overstepped the powers granted him by the US constitution.
Alaska did not join the 26 states that filed this multi-state lawsuit against President Barack Obama’s lawless amnesty plan. If we are to protect our right, Alaska must exert its influence and join lawsuits of this nature to push back on Federal Government overreach.
Nevertheless, the court ruling is a big win for State’s rights, an issue that is so important to Alaska. Our economy is impacted heavily by Federal Government overreach in the form of burdensome & numerous regulations, unnecessary restrictions on access to land for resource development, and mandates that unfortunately drive higher State Government spending.
Alaskans need to continue to push back on the federal overreach and fight for state sovereignty!

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