Chugiak outwrestles Eagle River 46-38

Mustangs cap winning week after beating Bartlett 46-31
Wednesday, December 9, 2015 - 09:23
  • Jacob Butler of Chugiak gets his arm raised after he defeated Zachery Fleer of Bartlett on Dec. 2. CHS won the duel meet 46-31 before defeating rival Eagle River 46-38 two days later. The Mustangs will host the Region IV Tournament this Friday and Saturday. Photo by Jason Coombs for the Star

Coming off a victory against Bartlett High, Chugiak High defeated Eagle River High 46-38 Dec. 4 in the highly anticipated meeting between the neighbor schools. Mustang Dawson Budke was not wrestling in the match, due to a nasty sprain he suffered from the previous match against Bartlett.

The match started out with Eagle River taking the lead with Grant Burningham pinning Mustang Lane Varnadoe in 3:18 at 132 pounds. The Wolves continued this lead with Thomas LePlante pinning Jared Reed of CHS in 1:57 at 138 pounds.

Mustang Leif Thurmond was able to go all three rounds and beat ERHS Josh Luff 16-0. Chugiak wouldn’t keep this momentum going when Marcus Amico of Eagle River  defeated Jacob Butler in 3 rounds, 14-3, at 152 pounds.

At 160 pounds Max Ditzler of Chugiak pinned David Wilson in 3:33. Chugiak won again at 170 pounds with Josh Edwards pinning ERHS Blake Hale in 1:39. Keeping the Mustangs’ momentum going, Brandon Lowe pinned Jordan Porter in 1:21 at 182 pounds.

Toren Cheely from Chugiak won at 195 pounds by a pin over Will Mouracade in 3:05. Chugiak had another win at 220 pounds when Camron Ramaekers pinned Dayton Denter of Eagle River in 3:17.

Getting to the heavyweights at 285 pounds, Makiah Stafford of ERHS won by forfeit to slow down the momentum by the Mustangs. Lightweight Nou Vue from Chugiak pinned Wolves Robert Lecours at 98 pounds in a hard fought battle that went for 5:21.

The Wolves answered that loss back at 106 pounds with Collin Blank pinning Nathan Stoltenberg in 1:28. Eagle River, still with the chance of a team victory, got a win at 113 pounds when Austin Kraft by points over Cameron Peck, 13-3.

Wrestling at 120 pounds, William Salter of Eagle River pinned Riley Demboski in another hard fought match going back and forth in 5:04. The final match ended with Chugiak receiving a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct and lost one point, when 126 pounds Mustang Ashton Franchino pinned Caleb Robles from ERHS in 2:42.

The Regional IV Tournament will be happening this Friday and Saturday at Chugiak High, who will also host the state tournament the following weekend.

CHS 46, ERHS 38

98: Nou Vue (CHS) over Robert Lecours (ERHS) (Fall 5:21)

106: Collin Blank (ERHS) over Nathan Stoltenberg (CHS) (Fall 1:28)

113: Austin Kraft (ERHS) over Cameron Peck (CHS) (Md 13-3)

120: William Salter (ERHS) over Riley Demboski (CHS) (Fall 5:04)

126: Ashton Franchino (CHS) over Caleb Robles (ERHS) (Fall 2:42)

132: Grant Burningham (ERHS) over Lane Varnadoe (CHS) (Fall 3:18)

138: Thomas Leplante (ERHS) over Jared Reed (CHS) (Fall 1:57)

145: Leif Thurmond (CHS) over Josh Luff (ERHS) (Tf 16-0 4:00)

152: Marcus Amico (ERHS) over Jacob Butler (CHS) (Md 14-3)

160: Max Ditzler (CHS) over David Wilson (ERHS) (Fall 3:33)

170: Josh Edwards (CHS) over Blake Hale (ERHS) (Fall 1:39)

182: Brandon Lowe (CHS) over Jordan Porter (ERHS) (Fall 1:21)

195: Toren Cheely (CHS) over Will Mouracade (ERHS) (Fall 3:05)

220: Camron Ramaekers (CHS) over Dayton Denter (ERHS) (Fall 3:17)

285: Makiah Stafford (ERHS) over (CHS) (For.)

CHS 46, Bartlett 31

Chugiak beat Bartlett 46-31 Dec. 2, but not without a little controversy.

The match between Mustang senior Dawson Budke and Bartlett senior Jordan-Alexander Pace was one of the most anticipated matchups of the night. Budke is ranked No. 2 in the state, and has won 29 of his last 30 matches.

He was last year’s triple crown winner, and was expected to be wrestling Eagle River’s Marcus Amico for the state championship. That was until the end of the match between Pace and Budke.

It ended up being changed from a medical forfeit for Budke to a disqualification of unsportsmanlike conduct for an illegal head-butt that caused Budke’s knee to pop out.

When the ref first called the match in Pace’s victory and raised his arm, Chugiak head coach Tom Huffer Jr. argued that call, stating that Budke was injured due to an illegal head butt, which caused his knee to be injured bad enough that he couldn’t continue after the time given to have his injury assessed.

The call at first seemed to be a good call by the ref, because from the view that the Mustangs had it looked like Pace either smacked Budke in the face, or head-butted him before he went down to shoot for his legs and get a take down.

Most of the crowd and wrestlers from Chugiak thought that Budke had an eye or head injury because he was holding his eye and face while he was on the ground in agony.

Later that night, Pace’s father showed a video showing the ref made a bad call on the DQ, because Pace didn’t touch Budke’s face, or head-butt him. What Pace did was put his hands up to misdirect Budke while he shot down for the legs.

Pace was pulled away from Budke right away when it was apparent there was an injury, and checked on Budke to see if his opponent was okay.

This call didn’t have a major effect on the match for Chugiak defeating Bartlett, because the score would have been 40-37 if it were reversed.

“I did a tap and shoot, but at the same time I thought I might have hit him too hard when he was down and holding his face. I didn’t think I hit him hard, but I felt super bad because I know him outside of wrestling, and really respect him,” said Pace. “I feel sports are really important at Bartlett because it shows every aspect of kids because we are known as the ghetto school. It shows the we take our passion into sports that we bring it out that we are passionate and not ghetto and we try our hardest.”

Huffer said he felt the Mustangs are doing great, and are right where they should be.

“It wasn’t controversial, we were right,” he said of the call. “He rolled his ankle, and it was unnecessary roughness because he head-butted him. The rulebook states that you get recovery time for two minutes, and after the two minutes if you can’t wrestle we win the match but they raised the other kids hand.

“I don’t think the ref realized that he awarded a penalty point to us, so we just had to correct him on that. It wasn’t deliberate, and Jordan came up to me saying coach I’m sorry, and I told him ‘hey, it’s part of wrestling,’

Jared Reed (138 pounds), Terry Park (145), Jacob Butler (152), Max Ditzler (170), Brandon Lowe (182), Camron Ramaekers (195) all had pins against their opponents to give Chugiak 36 points of the 46 total. Nou Vue from CHS had a forfeit from Bartlett to give his Mustangs another 6 points at 98 pounds.

Huffer said  Kenny Lee, who wrestles at 285 pounds, is out for the season to have surgery on his shoulder.

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