Rashae Ophus Johnson

After some debate and much speculation, both Gruening and Mirror Lake middle schools will be returning to a seven-period school day next fall.

This year for the first time, middle schools across Anchorage School District squeezed eight 40-minute class periods into each school day.

The eighth period was incorporated at the recommendation of scheduling consultants to accommodate the “multi-tiered system of support”, a district-wide early detection and intervention effort targeting students’ individual academic, social/emotional and behavioral needs.

Wrestling often comes in last to mainstream sports in most places, and not just in alphabetical lists. The crowds, funding and press coverage tend to trail more popular sports like hockey and football.

But in Chugiak and Eagle River, wrestling boasts a rich history and a thriving community rooted in the Chugach Eagles Wrestling Club, which has cultivated a line of Alaska state champions and Division I collegiate wrestlers dating back a quarter of a century.

Seventh-grader Josh Saylor had never encountered the word “pompier” before he was challenged to spell it as the winning word in the Alaska State Spelling Bee last week.

But the Mirror Lake Middle School spelling whiz was undaunted. He requested the word origin (French) and confidently spelled P-O-M-P-I-E-R to secure the statewide spelling championship for the second year in a row.

“I would have spelled it wrong if I didn’t know it was a French word,” Saylor said demurely.

The theft of around 50 Anchorage municipal election ballots from Chugiak mailboxes in a theft spree last week has triggered an ongoing investigation by federal postal inspectors and Anchorage police.

After months of reports about Amazon packages, passports and birthday cash swiped from Chugiak mailboxes, neighborhood crime watch apps and social media pages were abuzz with mail theft reports starting early Friday morning, March 16. Residents posted photos of entire clusters of emptied mailboxes left agape as well as patches of discarded mail and ballots littering various streets.