Chris Lundgren

Ten-year-old Joe Baker is angry. He is being forced to leave home in Duluth, Minnesota, on short notice.  There’s not even time to see his baseball teammate and best friend, Tom, so Joe has to say goodbye in an email.

            “You were at camp,” he writes Tom. “Dad tried to call but we couldn’t find you. We are moving to Alaska.”

            So begins Joe’s adventure in the juvenile fiction book, Moose, Baseball and a Friend Named Dutch, by Janet Wykes Moore, published in April by Outskirts Press.

One hazy day in December 2011, Bill and Becky Musick and their three children noticed a pod of dolphins bobbing and weaving alongside their home.

“Home” back then was a 49-foot sailboat, and the Musicks—who now live in Eagle River—were in the early stretch of a 30-month voyage from the East Coast of the U.S. to the other side of the globe. That day the kids scurried to the edge of the deck and sat with their legs dangling. The dolphins leapt into the air and greeted them by nudging the soles of their feet.